Prof. Chen Kewei and his Team Talk about the AI Based Precise Diagnosis and Treatment Platform for Brain Disease

As an enterprise dedicated in the fight against AD, PD, depression and other brain neurodegenerative diseases or mental disorders as well as chronic complex diseases in general...


As an enterprise dedicated in the fight against AD, PD, depression and other brain neurodegenerative diseases or mental disorders as well as chronic complex diseases in general, Shanghai Green Valley Pharmaceutical is deeply aware of the great importance of precise diagnosis and treatment in slowing down disease courses, alleviating patient suffering, and managing more adequately patients’ health and lives. It is with this comprehension and our philosophy of open, reciprocal, sharing, and desire to seek collaborations domestically and internationally, Green Valley in 2016 conceptualized the strategic construction of a precise diagnosis and treatment platform for brain disease ("platform" hereinafter), a one integrating diagnosis, treatment and health management altogether based on artificial intelligence (AI), other analytic techniques and big data.

The platform will continuously to be innovative and keep pace with the scientific and technological development
Science in general is an endless movement constantly correcting its mistakes and improving the view. As a specific case, the same is true also for human research on the pathogenesis of AD and the design of AD intervention. The platform will continue to upgrade itself  with improved diagnoses, the more innovative treatment regimen and the further developed modern technology all as  the results of our better understanding of the AD pathogenesis.

The platform will be open and will provide integrated services
Adhering to the philosophy of open, reciprocal, sharing, desire to seek collaborations domestically and internationally, and streamlining clinical practice, scientific research, information gathering and technique realization, we will seek win-win collaborations at home and abroad to make our platform a one on which patients, clinicians, scientists, research institutions and enterprises all benefit. In the same spirit, all parties will be in one  ecosystem, being the engine of each other to make the brain health especially in the elderly a great success.

The platform will use many algorithms with AI as the core and analyze multi-source data
On our platform, we will adopt the latest and most advanced hi-tech to collect data of various sources including, but not limited to, medical imaging, genetics, genomics, transcripology, epigenetics, proteomics, and metabolomics. We will use the advanced algorithms such as AI (depth learning included) and many others that are best to address each research questions at hand. Though beyond our imaginations somewhat, we truly that the advancement of analytic techniques will give us the best chance to explore the data in the very complicated high dimensional space in-depth and more accurately.

The platform will have the integrated elements of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
With the further advancement of TCM diagnostic equipment designed with national and international standard, we are now capable of collecting a large amount of TCM data in a universal and standard manner. The platform will be connected with such TCM equipment, four diagnosis instrument. In doing so, the platform will combine the TCM data with the modern medicine data of each patient to unearth the possible TCM utility alone or added values so as to make more accurate diagnosis for more effective treatment.

The platform will have the most advanced IT support
Our platform is a geographically distributed system ready for the integration of interdisciplinary data, and for various research/clinical applications using AI and other analytic tools.The geographically distributed system allows scientists and clinical experts to login at any time and place, sharing data with others or developing algorithms.With authorization from respective parties, our large database will collate interdisciplinary data about AD, PD, other neurodegenerative diseases or mental disorders as well as chronic complex diseases in general. The data abstraction and documentation will be dynamic, real time through the data management system. The platform will have the complete history of the derived data and, at the same time,  keeps the specificity of the original data.Our platform is configured to support various application scenarios. In fact, it can carry out effectively information mining from large amount of data, and quickly provide output measures for  different purposes.

The platform will be constructed by our first-class team
We will gather top experts at home and abroad in the fields of IT hardware and software, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, statistics, neuroimaging, clinic and others, and set up a world-class R&D and operation team.

GV-971 will make it the world's first drug to treat AD. Consequently, Green Valley will have the most abundant data on the brain in general and especially on various stages of AD. With our continued cooperation with clinical and research scholarly experts and institutes, the Green Valley will also be involved in developing new techniques and measures for the diagnosis, treatment and management of AD and other brain diseases in general. The unique advantage of Green Valley in creating AI based precise brain diagnosis and treatment platform will become increasingly apparent.