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Developing drugs that patients are yearning for

Green Valley is a leading innovative-driven pharmaceutical company with a strong commitment to its company mission, which is “Developing drugs that patients are yearning for”. We hold an ultimate goal to cure patients with complex chronic diseases and have already set up a clear vision, to build up a cutting-edge carbohydrate drug R&D center that will contribute breakthrough diagnosis and treatment solutions for patients all over the world suffering from brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer's and other complex chronic diseases. By exploring disease pathogenesis and developing innovative carbohydrate drugs based on an advanced AI platform for precise diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases, we are developing a novel R&D model integrating scientific research, clinical trials, information process and healthcare service. In Green Valley, we invest in most challenging unmet medical needs and focus on neuropsychiatric disorders, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and other complex chronic diseases. Our core competitiveness lies in deep insight into pathogenesis of complex chronic diseases and outstanding competency of carbohydrate drug development.

Founded in 2000, Green Valley is headquartered in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park with over 1500 staff engaged in R&D, manufacturing, and sales & marketing. We have world-class GMP manufacturing sites in Qingpu District in Shanghai and Benxi in Liaoning province. Our business presence in China covers more than 31 provinces/municipals with sales of over $700 million in 2017. The major product Salvianolate is among Top 10 sales leaders in the category of cardiovascular disease medicines in China. GV-971, a to-be-launched innovative medicine for Alzheimer’s disease, will definitely benefit millions of long-waited patients all over the world.

Through long-term strategic partnership with Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Green Valley R&D center has more than 300 BS/MS/PhD-level scientists with expertise in carbohydrate drug development, which is led by academicians and a core team who are "Outstanding Youth", "Hundred-Talent Program Talents" and returned Chinese scholars. Our R&D center has already found over 300 carbohydrate compounds with pharmacological activities and owns a range of IP-protected techniques for carbohydrate drug development.

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Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is one of the most advanced drug R&D institutions in China with international influence. Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica is a long-term strategic partner of Green Valley. The company has set up the "Green Valley Innovation Fund" and has established long-term cooperation with Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica for industrialization of scientific research achievements.

Bracket is an international US-based company specializing in conformity training of scale assessors. Using Bracket’s expertise in scale assessment, Green Valley conducts unified training and assessment of scale assessors participating in clinical studies.

IXICO is a UK-based company specializing in clinical imaging data acquisition, quality control and analysis services. In collaboration with IXICO, Green Valley uniformly calibrates PET in clinical research centers and trains operators to control the quality of acquired data and to analyze imaging data.

Banner Alzheimer's Institute is a globally renowned Alzheimer's disease research institute in the United States. The Institute is committed to developing new standards for caring patients with Alzheimer's disease and their family members and conducting leading and innovative research on detection and treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Green Valley has hired specialists from Banner Alzheimer's Institute to provide academic guidance and support the company in Alzheimer's disease drug development.

Green Valley has established cooperation with experts from the University of Washington, the Rowan University, the University of Toronto in Canada, and top colleges and universities across the world for R&D and application of biomarkers and non-invasive testing.

Quintiles is the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology service company in the world. It is a long-term strategic partner of Green Valley. The cooperation aims to provide global one-stop clinical research services, and it supports Green Valley’s development of innovative drugs.

Covance is a world-renowned pharmaceutical and biotechnology service company. In its strategic cooperation with Green Valley, Covance provides a full range of services such as GLP testing of biological samples.

Joinn is a well-known pharmaceutical and biotechnology service company in China. Green Valley has established multi-dimensional cooperation with Joinn in drug safety assessment, compound screening and pharmacokinetics study.